56. The Head and The Heart of Radical Leadership with Kumi Naidoo and Lindsay Levin

This week, something a little different!

For our conversation, we are joined by South African Environmental and Human Rights Activist, Kumi Naidoo. Kumi is best known for his time running GreenPeace International and Amnesty International, two massive organizations that get at the heart of enacting justice in all it’s forms around the world. We talk about what kind of leadership is needed in our search for environmental and racial justice.

And our main guest this week is Lindsay Levin, CEO of Leaders’ Quest. Lindsay has dedicated her life and her work to reshaping what leadership looks like through vulnerability, listening, and doing the work of searching ourselves to find our collective humanity.

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Written by Kumi Naidoo


What an average word 

So uninspired…It’s actually absurd 

In a time when we have been forced to change our ways 

To pause and isolate and dream of better days 

That we’d ever yearn for the world of yesteryear 

A world so divided 

So fragmented by fear 

It’s mind-boggling at best 

That we might just blow mother nature’s test 

Longing for the same madness 

That put us in this global sadness 

Of me first and screw you 

And buy-four-for-the-price-of-two 

Surely getting back to normal can’t be our aim 

After all of the sacrifices, death and pain 

Yes, this pandemic has brought us to our knees 

Cutting jobs and highlighting inequality 

Our leaders are exposed 

And the broken systems they have imposed 

Are now obviously not making any sense 

So, why do we obsess 

And resist what needs to be 

The end to these failed economic schemes and political machines 

That weaken and divide 

Leaving only the elite satisfied 

No, we have to be better than this! 

And if not for ourselves, we must for our kin 

Our children and their children and the ones after them 

Thankfully, our youth has far more motivation 

To take action and end the years of frustration 

By breaking down the walls we’ve created 

And the inequality that is so outdated 

So, now what are YOU going to do 

Let’s hope it something substantially new 

To keep building post Corona 

A human existence that is far from over 

Learning from our lessons 

Respecting all persons 

Especially our healthcare and essential workers 

Who were invisible to us before this pandemic 

And never again, lest we forget 

What and who really matters 

Even when all hope scatters 

Because this tragedy surely must be 

Our big opportunity 

To look beyond what has always been 

And build a world that we can all thrive in.